A world in motion

A moon

A piece of earth

Reflecting the sun’s glow

And orchestrating the tides


Molecules of water

Thinking they are separate

And yet colliding as one


Reflections of energy 

Refracting off other objects

And projecting abstractions 


Illusions of control 

Believing we are sovereign 

And yet lost amongst shadows 


Matter in motion

Creating serene chaos 

And a world desperate to see clearly 

My morning bike ride


Chickens and roosters roam, range free

Stray dogs gallop, go as they please

Fences between homes do not exist, only foliage

Shadows of palms line the road, shady trees


Passerbys find knick-knacks and fruits, smells of frying

A lazy heat suspends people, all life sighing

Everywhere food shared, a generous dosage

Early morning near the coast, rain on the horizon