Hi world. It’s me, Lauren. I decided to volunteer for the Peace Corps and now I will be living in Thailand from January 2017-March 2019. I will attempt to up-keep this blog to track my personal growth and share my stories for those who are interested.

*And now my service has ended… Thanks for reading this blog as I mapped out some of my experience over the past 2 years. Never hesitate to PM me if you are interested in serving in the Peace Corps. I highly recommend it.

My blog is organized into 5 different categories

  1. Human Connection

    1. Featured spotlights on certain individuals, celebrating the uniqueness and oneness of humanity.
  2. My experiences

    • Stories as I travel throughout Thailand.
  3. Skill Building

    • Highlights of all of the projects I am working on as a teacher collaborator, a community facilitator and a lifelong student.
  4. Self-Discovery

    • Pondering about the beautiful process of my personal growth and identity.
  5. Poetry

    • When feelings, experiences and happenings just need to be painted as a poem.

*I also added a new category for Book Reviews.


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