47 Peace Corps Volunteers, 1 Day

Reblogging a beautiful poem read by PCV 129 Anna McGillicuddy, representative for the Youth and Development program at our Thanksgiving luncheon at the Ambassador’s residence on Monday November 19th.


The piece walks us through a day with Anna at her site; she masterfully manages to include the name and the unique impact every single current member of our PCV group in her daily wanderings. Her poetic humor and sentimentality captures the essence of our wonderful crazy experiences as Peace Corps volunteers in Thailand. A beautiful read.

via 47 Peace Corps Volunteers, 1 Day


*I also gave a speech that day as a representative of the Teacher Collaborator and Community Service program, but it paled in comparison as I rushed to get off the stage. Here’s the CHEERS I forgot to give and the wine I wish I had at the time!


Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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