dirty little secret

This is the kind of picture I usually don’t post to my social media: trash lined, dirty beaches don’t look pretty even with a colored filter from Instagram.

And yet it’s often the reality in Thailand.

Behind the camera’s perspective of a beautiful shore in Chumphon, there is unfortunately a load of garbage.


Even so, that was not something I initially captured or even shared.

The featured picture of trash above was found among troves of beach-trashed pictures washed up on the shores of the internet, not a picture I took.

I think this non-sharing of reality, paints a bigger picture…


The trash barely visible on the edges of our photographs encapsulate the messy realities on the edges of our consciousness.

We often share the glamour and turn a blind eye toward ugliness because it is uncomfortable to face.


While appreciation for beauty and optimism for the future propel us forward, let us not ignore the dirty realities at our feet.


I ran away from America as a tsunami warning trumpeted its arrival and ended up in a place with its own build up of trash.

In this global community, there is no running away, because we are ONE with the same Earth.

Even while I am 8,000 miles away from my home, the repercussions of actions made anywhere in the world create vibrations felt throughout the world.


Dirty realities are right at our feet. Beautiful possibilities are also between our toes.

Let our global community capture both in order to see the whole picture. We don’t have time to ignore reality like a dirty little secret.

Tempus fugit velut umbra. Time flees like a shadow.




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