Spotlight: my astrological side


That word is the mantra for a Gemini born in the first phase of the twins’ astrological cycle.

Not only this; those born on my birthday, have a particularly strong “drive for freedom and independence, [that] works both positively and negatively for May 30th people, but free they must be.”


Of course, with great vitality comes the possibility for great sabotage.


While astrological signs are not hard science nor magical forecasts, I do find them to be strangely accurate. I love to look to their wisdom as a way to self-reflect: what are my potential pitfalls or weaknesses? what are my admirable traits or strengths?

It is precisely this insistent desire to know myself that I look to all sorts of descriptors: astrology, Chinese horoscopes, Myers Briggs, etc.

This blog is a tool for me to track my thinking. By constant self-reflection, I hope I can record my growth, creating the short-term discipline for daily writing,  and, in the long-term, better myself.


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